Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boys, Hell, Lilli, Kat's Tale - Story Starts

These are stories I've only written the start to.


Boys can’t feel pain. There an inferior species. That’s why we do what we do. Once us girls discovered the secret to making sperm though test tubes we didn’t need them anymore, so one by one we hunt them down and kill them. But we haven’t quite figured out how to make all baby’s girls, and sometimes a boy is born. Often there just taken away and left to die, but sometimes a mother takes pity on her small child and takes care of them until they’re old enough to take care of themselves.


I don’t know why I’m in hell. I mean, I’m no saint. I lie, get detention, until my brother died I fought with him daily, but there no reason to end up surrounded by devils being tortured. And yeah, up until this moment I was purely atheist, but seriously, why god can’t cut me some slack I don’t know.  My entire family died when the building the family get-together was being held in burnt down. I was the only one who survived.  So why am I sent to hell?


The doorbell rang and Moll raced downstairs, followed by Lauren’s slower footsteps and Josephine’s cry of “Wait for me, I want to see her at the same time as you!” and the thudding of her crutches against the stairs.  Moll flung the door open, but her hyper mood was quietened by the sight that greeted her. When mum had told them she was finally adopting another child Moll had been imagining this scene for hours on end. Each time, there was a happy girl with blond hair and a huge crowd of friends from the orphanage come to say bye. Instead there was a just the one girl with her head down and a small suitcase in her hand, dressed drably in a black top and ripped jeans. Parked outside the house was a mini and two children, a girl and a boy, holding hands. As Moll glanced back to the girl she realised that she was staring at her. She immediately looked away. The sight of those haunted green eyes in that lily white face framed by black hair somehow creeped her out. The petite nose and rosebud lips did nothing to soften that stare. It was the stare of someone who had seen many things it her lifetime, and hardly any of them good. 
                Lilli looked the girl up and down as she was staring at Carlotta and Pedro. She was pretty, with wavy red hair cascading down her back and milky skin showing off her warm brown eyes. She looked nice. Almost immediately after she thought this another girl came walking down the stairs, with the pace of someone who almost can’t be bothered. This one Lilli didn’t like the look of, maybe because of her uniform beauty, the tanned skin, the blond hair, all looked to....normal. That was the only word for it. Normal. Her highly arched eyebrows marked her out as tricky, as did her cold blue eyes. “You might want to say goodbye now,” said the one with red hair. “They can’t stand out there forever.” She pointed to Carlotta and Pedro. Lilli nodded and headed down the steps. She gave Carlotta a massive hug, whispering in her ear “If I call you but don’t say anything, I need you to rescue me” as jokily as she could manage. “I know what you mean,” whispered Carlotta back. “The one with blue eyes doesn’t look happy to see you.” “I know, I’m trying to focus on the other one” Lilli then turned to Pedro. This time she didn’t say anything, just pulled her brother into a hug. It seemed to be only seconds later she pulled out of it; in reality she knew it was longer. With a last look back at the two people she cared about the most in the world, Lilli picked up her case and headed  into the large grey house a girl of about 17 reached the bottom step, her crutches thudding against the stairs.

Josephine wished, not for the first time, that she hadn’t broken her leg. She loved to run around, and had really wanted to meet Lilli before Lauren did. Lauren didn’t take kindly to change. She had thrown a massive temper fit when she had gotten her a new bed, so she didn’t know how she would react to having a new sister.  Not for the first time she wished she Mum hadn’t adopted Lauren. No! She told herself. That’s horrible, she’s just like she is because she’s had a hard time. Mind you, Lilli looked like she’d had it even harder. Those eyes....... Anyway, Moll was thundering upstairs with Lilli walking behind her, so now she had to go all the way up again. She sighed and headed toward the stairs, just as Mum walked out of the kitchen, calling “Jo, is Lilli here already? She’s early.”

“Hi Lilli, I’m Moll, and this is Lauren.” Lilli looked at Lauren without much enthusiasm. Moll could understand that, Lauren wasn’t exactly acting welcoming.  “Here’s your room. I hope you like the colours. We can repaint it...”   
“No, yellows fine. Do you mind if I unpack?” Lilli had a higher voice than Moll had expected, but at the same time it suited her. “Go ahead. We’ll call you down for dinner. Mum’ll be up in a sec, she just has to put the pie in the oven.” Moll headed toward the door as she spoke.
“She can stay downstairs. I’ll be down in a sec.”

As soon as Moll and Lauren went downstairs Lilli opened the suitcase. She reached into the bottom of it and pulled out a item wrapped in newspaper. This was the one part of her life that no-one knew about, the one secret she had left. She stroked it for a second, then placed it back at the bottom of the suitcase, and headed downstairs.

Kat's Tale

This is my story. Even if it’s not told like it, it is. But it isn’t only my story. It’s Larissa’s story. And it’s Aleeza’s story, and Connor’s story, all of our story’s. And it deserves to be told.

                The kite flew down into the Scottish glen, but just before it landed it disappeared and was replaced with a tall girl of about 15, with wavy auburn hair, who was on the verge of being unhealthily thin. Any normal person watching would assume it was a trick of the light, anyone watching who knew about the children with extraordinary powers who roamed the country would assume that a shifter had just changed back into her true form, a human. The girl smiled as she walked away, staggering slightly as if she wasn’t used to using her legs. No one would suspect that she had not shifted back into her true form; she had shifted out of it.

Chapter One

                Kat sighed. She hated shifting to a human, to leave the lightness of flying behind, but she had to get used to being human, so she could pass of as normal when in society. One sign of any abnormalities in the area and the hunters would come. She had only just slipped off the radar from last time.  She couldn’t afford another attack, so she only shifted back into kite form for hunting. Human food was almost as disgusting as humans themselves. No decent chicks or earthworms.  And they had a totally misguided disgust for animals such as herself, scavengers.  Humans never ate live things, and only a few of them killed their food themselves.  Kat sighed. She had to find a place to sleep soon, all this flying away was exhausting.  She had to push herself to her limit to get away, then not let herself rest until she had found a safe place. She hoped this was safe.  

                Kat found an abandoned buzzard’s nest after about fifteen minutes of walking. It was as she shifted that she heard the movement behind her.  Stupid! She should have checked the area better. The hunters were here again, and she knew that, this time, she wouldn’t be able to get away. She felt something grab her from behind and she cried out instinctively. 

The Haunting - Poem

You could see there was something wrong; you asked if I was alright,
I said yes, and left it at that
You knew I was lying, but you didn’t press any harder
Free from guilt, because it seemed you’d tried, and that I’d made up my mind

I’m not trying to blame you,
Saying you could have stopped me,
I’m trying to save you,
From the ruin that comes from lies

It’s hard to save somebody,
Who’s given up,
But don’t kid yourself you did your best
Lying to yourself hurts the most

I’m not trying to blame you,
Saying you could have stopped me,
I’m trying to save you,
From the ruin that comes with lies

I know you want to,
You’ll try as hard as you can,
But the fact you left the question hanging,
Will haunt you forevermore

I’m not trying to blame you,
Saying you could have stopped me,
I’m trying to save you,
From the ruin that comes with lies

Sitting there sinking,
Under the weight of your mind,
Will you give up?
Or stay with your true kind?

I was meant for the haunting,
And you where meant to be saved.


Hi, I'm Ophelia. Well, I'm Aisling. Well, I'm Alicia. But I tend to just use names I like when blogging, so this is what you're stuck with. I'm going to use this to post my poetry and stories...Well, starts of stories, I'm not very good at continuing them. Please please please do not copy my work and claim it's your own, I've worked hard on these. Feel free to tell me your opinion on my work